Dining Out -Why Make It Difficult

Day 22 of my Whole30 is here.  Some thoughts I had over this past weekend, probably spurred by the fact that I ate out with my daughter in Manhattan on Saturday evening.  Why does dining out have to be so difficult when you are following a healthy eating diet?

Every plan out there, whether it is Whole30, Weight Watchers or countless others tell you, you can go out to a restaurant, BUT…… you need to find out what is in the salad dressing and it must be placed on the side (or better yet just ask for oil and vinegar).  You need to find out how the food was prepared and if possible ask what type of oil they are using.  Was there butter used in the preparation of the meal?  Are there breadcrumbs or flour used in the preparation?  What is the proper portion size?  It’s stressful eating out.

I love food.  I love tasting different types of foods and the different ways chefs prepare food for me.  I like to enjoy meals with my friends and family.  I really don’t want to ask so many questions that I’m no longer enjoying the time spent with others over a good meal.  Instead of wondering if I am compliant with my diet, I really just want to sit back, taste the meal the way the chef prepared it and enjoy the new flavors and tastes I am experiencing.

Just to clarify – I am talking about an experience at a fine restaurant, one where there is a competent chef.  I’m not talking about fast food here or even the corner chain restaurant (although some chain restaurants are pretty damn good also).  Even when I entertain or make a meal for my family I want to make sure the food is a little decadent.  Sure, I always make sure that dietary restrictions are asked and observed for my guests, but I want them to experience the food as I cooked it, not worrying about what is in the food.

This is all to say that I am stressed about the end of this Whole30.  For me any diet that has been pretty restrictive in how I eat is one I fear ending.  How do I prevent myself from going overboard on the foods I love – and I’ll be honest I love dairy, especially yogurt and cheese – and I love grains, whether it is whole wheat pasta, a really good piece of fresh bread, a slide of pizza and more.

There has to be a way to moderate.  One that makes sense to me individually.  I would love to hear how you moderate your own diet – what are the foods you love to eat and how do you make sure you don’t eat too much.

In the meantime, here is a picture of my daughters Frittata that she made for us for lunch. It included potatoes, spinach and tomatoes and was downright tasty.

IMG_1637 copy
Saturday Lunch

One thought on “Dining Out -Why Make It Difficult

  1. The frittata is beautiful! Great picture!

    Dining out can be a challenge if what one is doing is temporary. When it’s a lifestyle change, it does not have to be. I think most of us come to a point where we decide that we don’t or do want to eat a certain food. For example, I have thyroid disease, so I have don’t eat raw kale anymore and do eat it cooked. So it becomes a fun adventure to find the foods that I have decided to eat when I go out.

    All restaurants add lots of salt to their dishes, so I can expect to have difficulty putting my rings on my fingers and can expect to see the numbers on the scale increase. I weigh myself every day, so I can see a change as a result of restaurant food because of the salt content and/or a reactive food. And when I see that change, I allow my body to heal from the inflammation by eating foods that I know my body can tolerate until I am where I feel good again. It may take a few days, but that’s what helps.

    I LOVE curly fries! And they are the devil as well! They are fried, starchy, and salty, and not good for me at all. I love curly fries, but they do not love me. So I have them once in a while — usually at the movies. And if the movie theatre doesn’t serve them, then I don’t have a snack, which is fine.

    With time, we all learn to make the things we practice into a lifestyle. It takes around 6 months to make something a true habit. How badly do you want to be healthy? is what I ask my clients.


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