Writing Hiatus – But I’m Back Now

For the past couple of months  I’ve been feeling a bit down.  Down mainly because I could not seem to find my groove with eating healthy and specifically being on Weight Watchers.  I ended up skipping some important meetings in March and started a slow increase in weight again.  It’s interesting that I’ve noted over the years that feeling sad can bring on a food binge.  I want to eat what I have learned over the years to be comfort food – donuts, sweets, smothered fries, and general overeating.  I even broke down one night and had not just one, but two glasses of Chocolate Milk (okay it was skim milk, but still….).

Full on grief and loss have led me into the past to stop eating – so the extreme form of sadness has the opposite effect that general malaise has on me.  The one thing I did during March and April, was that I stuck with my Weight Watchers Coach by talking to her once a week.

Enough about my hiatus – I’m back now.  Back focused on healthy eating, understanding that there will be times that I want to binge and overeat. But realizing that I need to stop, turn around (make a U turn as my Weight Watcher leader talked about a couple of weeks ago) and go back on my plan.  One misstep doesn’t mean that I have to fall.  I might trip up, but I can straighten myself back up quickly and not lay on the ground and give up.

Here is what I am doing to keep myself moving forward (and hopefully losing some of this weight I have gained over the past year).  I am refocusing on healthy cooking by first selecting some Craftsy cooking courses (you can check out their website here if you are unfamiliar with Craftsy).  First one is entitled “Flavor Comes First:  Healthy Meals that Taste Delicious” with Ellie Kreiger.   My first recipe from the course was Chicken Piccata  at 8 WW Smart Points and pictured above.

Second, I am planning my meals weekly as this helps me “track” on the Weight Watchers app.  I signed up for a year on a meal planning site called Cook the Seasons.  This site provides not only recipes, but what they call core recipes to cook say on a the weekend when you have some time and then you use those cores to build other meals (quickly) during the week.  Into week 2 of using this meal planning and recipe site and it’s helped me quite a bit.

To stay on track, I plug the recipes into the Weight Watchers site and come up with the WW Smart Points for the recipe.  This is how I know that my now go to recipe for a treat – Healthy Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Oat Breakfast Bars – are only 3 WW Smart Points.  We use these bars as our nightly treat with a nice cup of herbal tea.

I am teasing you with a couple of pictures of some of the food I have made over the past two weeks here and I promise to share more information on these recipes as well as the WW Smart Points with you on my continued journey.


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