What are those triggers that make us binge?  That chocolate cake I ate last week certainly triggered something in me.  But what was behind the chocolate cake?

I know – it’s not fair of me to show you a picture of chocolate cake.  BUT, this is what we all struggle with as we try to eat a healthy diet – the chocolate cakes (or insert another sugary/salty treat here) of the world.

Yes, I did have a piece and I have to admit that it was a very good chocolate cake.  I felt good about eating it, it was after all for my bosses birthday and it was a quality (taste wise) treat.  The problem was not the small piece of chocolate cake I had, but what happened after.  I wanted to binge.  I wanted sweet treats.  I wanted more chocolate.  I wanted cookies.  I WANTED MORE SUGAR.

I successfully resisted the desire to eat more sweet stuff the rest of the afternoon at work.  I walked by the remaining cake sitting in the lunch room, even though I truly wanted to go in and take another piece.  I even had an image of myself sitting there and just sticking my whole face in the remaining cake and looking like Matilda’s classmate in the movie”Matilda” with his face covered in chocolate.  But I resisted.

Came home that evening and made dinner for my husband and myself.  After that piece of cake I wanted some comfort food.  A comforting meal of plumb stuffed cheese tortellini and vodka sauce was consumed.  A bit high in carbs and dairy – so be it.  Treated us both to two salted caramel squares dipped in dark chocolate.  There was that SUGAR again.  Now this would have all been fine, except I didn’t stop there – I went for a bag of popcorn with melted butter (it was small bag) and to top that off had a Weight Watchers Mint Chocolate bar (not all that good – prefer the Weight Watchers chocolate caramel bar).  And those snacks were eaten after 8 pm in front of the TV, right before going to bed.

What was my trigger?  The sugar – possibly.  Was the activity later that night of watching TV a trigger?  I don’t think so, the desire to binge started before I was watching TV.  Was it a favored food?  The chocolate cake was certainly a favorite food, especially since it was good, but the popcorn?  The popcorn was just a way to binge.  It certainly is not a favored food.  But chocolate is certainly a favored food.  Was this start of a binge because of a social setting?  Yes and no.  I wanted to celebrate my bosses birthday with everyone else, however the cake in and of itself was not the problem – is was what I did when I got home later that day.  I am going to blame the SUGAR.

What started out as a healthy eating day disintegrated after that one piece of chocolate cake.  Does this mean that I can never have a piece of chocolate cake without triggering a food frenzy?  Okay, I’m not sure this was a full on binge, which is a good thing – but it wasn’t a good day for healthy eating either.  How do you treat yourself to that one piece of cake without triggering a binge?  I certainly don’t have the answer.

Thinking on this a little more I am starting to realize that if I consume a small amount of sugar after dinner I don’t have the urge to binge.  I actually feel satisfied.  BUT, if I treat myself to sugar anytime during the day that is when I can get in trouble.  Think I just had an “AHA” moment.  For me to stay on track, the piece of dark chocolate with herbal tea after dinner is not the problem but SUGAR during the day can start my binge.  Now I have something to work on.


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