Day One

Yesterday I officially joined Weight Watchers.  If you have been following me for a little bit here you may ask “Why?” and it is a very valid question.  I have stated that I am tired of diets.  That I want a different way of approaching the food I eat.  That scales are useless implements of depression (okay I never said that here, but I’ve thought it).  But in all my complaints against diets what have I been doing over the last 6 months but try new “diets”.  I went through 31 days on the Whole30.  I spent another couple of months trying out a high fiber diet (which I never really gave my all because I was bingeing so much after the Whole30).  Where has that left me – back over 200 lbs.

I would like to be able to not think about food and weight, but I am realizing that I am not an intuitive eater but a overeater.  Bingeing is overeating any way I look at it.  And it must stop.  Why Weight Watchers?  I need the accountability, so not only did I sign up for their online program, but I went all out and signed up for “All Access”.  So not only do I get all their online tools, but I get to talk on the phone to a coach (up to three times a week if I wish in 15 minute increments), and I get to go to the meetings.

My goal is to stick with Weight Watchers tracking not only my food, but my activity for the next year.  I am going to try to attend a meeting once a week and will talk to a coach at least once a week for the next year.  I am going to give this my best effort.

Is this just another “Diet”?  I hope not.  I intuitively know the healthy foods I should be eating.  I know that I need to move more.  I believe that an organized method that helps me with accountability is the right way to move forward on my journey to feel better about myself and for my body to feel better.  Will I deprive myself of the food I love – such as dairy, chocolate, wheat – NO.  I am determined to find a healthy way to include these into my program and with Weight Watchers I believe that I can.

To make this fun, and for me cooking is fun, I am going to experiment with recipes and find ways to make them healthier.  I will share my successes and failures here.  My goal is one new healthy recipe a week.

Happy New Year to all and looking forward to a healthier beginning.


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