New Year, New Me

The New Year is fast approaching and with it a lot of resolutions are being contemplated and possibly even drafted.  As I look back over the past year I see some successes and some failures.  One success is the writing of this blog (as well as a second blog Our Modus Vivendi).  Another success was conquering the fear of hiking Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park.

As to weight loss and healthy eating, I have had some successes trying new “diets”, Whole 30 and High Fiber Diet, but overall have gained back a lot of the weight I have been successful in shedding.  So are these actual failures.  I dislike the word failure and would rather call them “learning experiences”.   We can learn from our slip ups and mistakes and move on.

I will be spending my New Year’s long weekend working on my dreams and aspirations for the next year.  I will look to put in place some long-term goals (10 years and 5 years out), as well as some goals for this coming year.  I will share those with you here.

One goal which will remain on my list is to continue to improve my health.  And that means eating healthier and starting some form of exercise.  I have decided that I need some help in this area.  That I have not been too successful on my own.  I need accountability and to me this means I must have others around me for support and encouragement.  I am going to look outside myself for this help and have decided to rejoin Weight Watchers.

Maybe you think I am succumbing to another “Diet”, but I see this as a return to sanity by getting the help I need from a community.  That community will be both in the form of telephonic coaching, attending meetings, my daughter who decided to join with me, and those in their online community.  I just can not do this alone.

I will continue to incorporate lessons learned from my not so successful attempt this past year – eating whole food; enjoying more fiber rich food; adding more fruit and vegetables to my diet: and moderation of sweets and sugars.  I will continue to eat away from my work desk enjoying the company of others.  I will continue to enjoy my breakfasts and dinners with my husband.  And I will look to find some form of exercise that I enjoy.

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