Random Thoughts

My Husband and I are just back from an amazing vacation that included Southern Utah, a little bit of Northern Arizona and Las Vegas (used as our start and finish point).  We hiked, we ate, we tested our limits (Angels Landing in Zion was a challenge) – we thoroughly enjoyed the places we visited.

Now its back to what I call reality and I am struggling with trying to keep my focus on healthy eating.  The looming Holidays are not helping either.  Then I look back over the past year and I see some successes but I also see some failures.  I put out goals – some I keep, others I seem to forget about.  And I question why this has to be such a struggle.

I just looked back at my last post – about one step forward, two steps back – and feel as though the past 24 days (yes its been almost a month since my last post), have felt somewhat like a failure.  Have I worked on any of the goals I set forth back then – not really. There were four goals I wanted to work on and they are not insurmountable.

I’m remembering the hike that I really thought I was not going to accomplish.  Angels Landing.  The picture above is some of that hike (the last portion of the hike to the summit).  2 1/2 miles to the “summit” with an elevation change of just over 1000′.  Now I did not finish the entire hike – I ended my portion of the hike 2 miles at a place called Scouts Lookout.  I know my limitations when it comes to rock climbing and scrambling, so my husband went up the last 1/2 mile to Angels Landing.

Accomplishing this hike up to the lookout was a major feat for me.  It was difficult and I took breaks, but what I did notice was that my determination to prove to myself that I could make it those 2 miles up many, many switchbacks is what helped me along.  So I can be determined and I can accomplish a goal that I set for myself…… so why the struggle.


As “they all say” a lifetime of bad habits is hard to break, but I just need to keep breaking those habits and developing new healthier habits going forward.  As I struggled to reach Scouts Lookout, so I struggle each and every day with my eating and health habits.  And I keep moving forward.

One thought on “Random Thoughts

  1. Beautiful message Alicia. I remember when Sal and I were there the wind was so strong and terrifying. Sal continued, and I did not and was terrified for him. So I commend you for your amazing accomplishment! And if you can do that, then I believe you can conquer your food challenges!


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