One Step Forward – Two Steps Back

I’m taking a moment here to push pause and rethink my plans on health and healthy eating.  As the title of this post suggests – for every positive step I take in trying to conquer my diet demons, I’ve been taking more steps back towards unhealthy eating.  Binging, sugar overload, carb loading, little exercise and negative thoughts have overcome me.

It’s time to reset my habits and way of thinking.  And no, I am not going to do another Whole30, because I believe unless I want to eat a Paleo type diet the rest of my life (which I do not), then I’ll just set myself up for another binge episode.

What I do want to go back and look at are my goals.  The Whole30 did provide me with a way to look at different types of health related goals – I believe however that there were too many of them.  I set myself eight (8) goals for my Whole30 and I probably realistically achieved about 4 of them.  So this time I am going to pair those goals down to just four and then start the forward button.

  1. By February 1st I want to fit into my smallest jeans (and other smaller size clothing) that I was wearing a year ago.
  2. I will find 15 minutes in each and every day to be physically active, whether it is 15 minutes of dancing in my office, or a 15 minute walk.
  3. I will carve out at least 5 minutes a day to meditate.
  4. I will say one positive empowering statement each and every morning to my self.

How will I accomplish these goals?

  • To Fit into my smaller jeans, I will start by removing as much added sugar as I can during the day.  I will start to eat more fiber rich food, adding at least 1 fruit or vegetable to each meal, and eating at least 1 serving of fiber rich cooked whole grains or beans every day.
  • To be physically active I will formally schedule time in my daily calendar for 15 minutes of some form of cardiac activity – either walking or dancing.
  • To meditate each day – as noted above with physical activity – I will formally schedule this time.
  • As to positive empowering statements – I will start to put together a list of positive statements that I will post in the bathroom and repeat one of them out loud every morning and during my morning shower.  They will become my mantra for the day.

I want to be able to report back that I am taking many steps forwards and very few steps backwards.  I also would really like to hear what type of goals you set for yourself and how you work towards accomplishing those goals.  Here is my first empowering statement:


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