Eating Fiber Rich

Disclaimer up front:  I do not endorse any single diet or healthy eating plan, nor any product I might mention.  I am definitely not paid to do so.  If I link to a website that offers services here it is because I have tried it or like what the authors have to say.

In order to curb not only my sugar dragon, but find a way of eating that I can enjoy (and I truly do love to eat, especially with family and friends), I am looking to see if increasing the amount of fiber rich foods to my meals will help.  Hopefully I might even lose a little weight doing this.  (Check out Full Plate Living for some ideas in regards to adding more fiber into your diet)

Those foods that are not only full of fiber, but naturally lower in calories because of high water content fall into the following categories:

  •  Vegetables – the best are fresh or frozen (and sometimes frozen can be even more nutrient rich since the freezing normally takes place very shortly after harvesting).
  • Fruit – Any type, again fresh or frozen.  I used frozen blueberries with my Steel Cut Oatmeal for this breakfast.  I really like frozen cherries and
Breakfast – Steel Cut Oatmeal and Frozen Wild Blueberries
  • Cooked Whole Grains – and example is the Steel Cut Oats above.  This could include brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, barley, etc.
  • Beans – Any type.

Lunch this particular day included red pepper humus, cucumbers and an apple as my added fiber rich foods.  I threw in a small piece of cheese, some olives and a whole wheat pita.

Fiber Rich Lunch for Work

For dinner that evening I made a pumpkin bisque (cheated a little here with a starter from Williams-Sonoma), a salad and a whole grain, seeded roll.  I threw in a little bacon (sugar fee variety) in the soup and some cheese onto the green salad. Easy dinner for my hubby and I (and I don’t think he realized how healthy it was).

I believe the most important part of any healthy eating program is eating Whole and “Clean” foods as often as possible.  Pre packaged food usually has a lot of unwanted ingredients, such as added sugars, salt and preservatives which are not needed if you are eating fresh, non adulterated frozen foods.  And I don’t want to forget canned beans, which make food preparation so much more easier.  Just make sure that you rinse the beans and look for ones without added ingredients.

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