My Weekend with Wine

I now know why alcohol is one of those foods/drinks that are forbidden on the Whole30.  I also now know that one glass of wine is fine, but having more than one will result in a massive headache.

My husband and I went out Saturday night to celebrate my Birthday.  We went to a local winery (Beneduce Vineyards) where on Saturday nights they have a live band and usually a food truck (pizza was on the truck this past Saturday).  We ordered a bottle of wine and a pizza and sat on a beautiful early fall evening listening to some good music.  The problem arrived the next day.  A massive sinus headache.  I can only attribute this to the wine and the fact that I had more than one glass.  Learned my lesson.

This week I am going to refocus on my eating habits.  Last week, and yes I will blame my birthday, I delved deeply into not only wine, but sugar as well.  Sugar in the form of candy, a cake I made for the birthday of a collegue and myself, as well as the wine.  And I felt miserable overall.  Tired, inflamed joints, carpal tunnel really acting up and that headache.  This week will be about moderation in all things and limit my sugar intake to a little honey in my morning tea.

Want to leave you with a positive here – I tried a recipe for a Paleo Banana Bread and it was really very delicious.  I admit I did add some semi-sweet chocolate chips to the recipe, but the loaf did not really need them to be quite good.  The recipe can be found at the Civilized Caveman Cooking.  And here is a picture of mine.  Yum!

Paleo Bananna Bread

Part 2 of my Die(t) Journey coming up later this week.  Check out Part 1 here.

My journey is not easy and I would love to hear about your own journey to eat healthy, so please share your comments, suggestions, anything you want to about your journey – what is going right and what is going wrong.  Wine and sugar are definite issues for me (as is white flour products).

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