Off The Rails

A quick post here. My husband and I spent the month of August living the Whole30. We stayed compliant and believed we had slain that Sugar Dragon. But being human we sometimes trip up and for us we were literally and figuratively off the “rails” this weekend.

My husband and I spent a really enjoyable weekend in Scranton, PA at Rail Fest held at Steamtown National Historic Site. Being away from home for 3 nights proved challenging when it came to eating. And that challenge was met with failure on our part. Some should a, would a, and could a’s – could have planned our meals better, should have stuck to food we knew and will do better next time.

So where did we go off the “rails” – we introduced every food group you could think of into our diet this weekend from alcohol (for him) to all types of grains. We went for the diary and the legumes as well. What did we learn? That it is okay to have ice cream once in a while. But it better be really good ice cream (and it was). That pizza should be good pizza, not the mediocre pizza we had this weekend.

Did this mass reintroduction of all of those foods that we gave up during our Whole30 mess with us? I know that they messed up my mind – I felt guilty and I don’t like to feel guilty about food. Did they mess up anything else – a bit of bloating for me on Tuesday.

I should note that my husband actually claims to have slept even better after his day of ice cream, pizza, and beer. At least that is what his sleep app relayed to him the next morning when he got a 100% sleep cycle rating.

Now that we had our weekend away, this week I am focusing on us getting back on track – not fully Whole30 – but healthy eating and staying away from wheat products where we can as well as sugar. I have not had any really cravings for sugar yet – but my birthday is just around the corner and I think I might splurge a little bit.

2 thoughts on “Off The Rails

  1. I’m glad that you had fun this weekend. You certainly learned a few things — both of you did. I’m going to guess that your husband had better sleep after the weekend for other reasons than his body chemistry. There is often, if not always,an emotional component to food, and eating the way he did may have been very comforting. Also the sugar blues may have made him feel sleepy. We are whole beings — meaning that everything is important to the whole of us, and out bodies speak to us. Yours certainly gave you a whisper by getting a little bloated and shouted by sending you a message to feel bad about what you did. You will probably bounce back to where you were at the end of the Whole30 when you get back on track. Brava!

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