Self Evaluation: After 30 Days on Whole30

I completed all 30 days of my Whole30 with no slips or cheats.

Was I happy all the time with my food – no. Did I crave? Yes, sometimes, but I believe I beat back that Sugar Dragon and had a little bit of Tiger Blood. Food became somewhat boring – with the summer here it was difficult sometimes to prep on a weekend when all we wanted to be was outside doing something. When I do a Whole30 again (may try for January) I will definitely prep food better and find more interesting recipes to bring into my arsenal of tools.

A review of my goals as I set them out at the start of the journey.

Nutrition:        I will eat dinner at the table with my husband 4 nights a week.

I achieved this most evenings during the month. What was great and I hope to maintain going forward is that my Hubby and I ate breakfast together every morning before I went to work (and on weekends) with music in the background instead of the TV. I will make sure this continues.

Sleep:              I will continue to get at least 7 ½ hours of sleep a night by going to bed by 9:30 pm

I have been averaging 7 ½ hours of sleep a night for almost 9 months now. I started this routine to help me find some additional time to write/blog, do what ever I want, early in the morning when I am at my best. I go to bed by 9:30 pm and wake up around 5:00 am. I love this routine.

Stress Management:    I will dance for 15 minutes when I am feeling stressed – including closing my office door. Will do this at least once a day.

Exercise:          See above. I will walk at least half and hour 3 times a week.

Active Recovery:   I will stretch out my ankles before and after any dancing period or walk

These three goals have been failures for me. I have not used exercise and activity to help me with my goals and this is something I definitely need to work on going forward. I know that these three goals will help me to maintain my health and make stress manageable.

Fun and Play: I will make sure that my husband and I have one day of fun a week planned.

My husband and I usually plan one weekend day to do something together. Has that happened every week this month – no. We both get busy working on home or hobby projects and sometimes forget to take that time out. We will continue to work on this goal going forward and in fact have two weekend trips planned in September.

Personal Growth:        I will blog at least twice a week about the Whole30

I have been blogging twice a week since the end of July here. Sharing my Whole30 experience has been helpful in making sure I have held myself accountable to finish all 30 days. I will be continuing this blog with new ideas and healthy recipes (some may not be paleo friendly – just a warning).

Temperance:   I will limit my TV watching to 1 ½ hours a night during the week.

I have slipped up a few times on watching TV, especially on the weekends, but I feel as though this goal was partially accomplished. With having a meal with my husband at the kitchen table (and no we do not have any TV’s in the kitchen or our bedroom) or on the patio, we do not eat with a TV on, but music instead. So that has limited my time in front of the TV on weekdays after work. This is a really good thing.

What went well for me on this journey? I tried some new recipes and new ingredients (coconut milk was one of them as well as coconut aminos) that will stay in my pantry and will be using to make my recipes healthier. For the most part I planned my meals in advance and that was key to getting through these 30 day successfully.

What could have gone better? I should have spent more time meal prepping, for when I did meal prep the food was tastier and easier to put together. The first week was the toughest because I didn’t prep and our meals were , what can I say, BORING. When I do another Whole30 (and I am sure I will) I am going to be better prepared.

What will I keep doing in the future to continue on this healthy journey?  I will plan out meals as best as I can. I will experiment with new recipes and new healthy ingredients. I will look at food labels differently and try not to use processed foods. I will eat consciously and put only those things that I truly want and taste good in my mouth.

I’ll be continuing on my journey towards better health and will share my successes and failures with all of you. Share your thoughts and experiences – what’s worked for you and what hasn’t as you have tried to change what you eat. Let us know how you are trying to improve your health and wellbeing.

Now on to my morning cup of tea – this morning with a little (scant ¼ teaspoon) honey in it.

Photo on 9-1-16 at 5.57 AM #2 copy

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