Day 29 Whole30

Dawn is just around the corner here for Day 29 of our Whole30.  I’m still amazed that both my Husband and I have managed to stick with this for almost 30 days – and we have every intent on sticking it out through tomorrow.

I am concerned about reintroduction.  And I’m a little scared of getting on that scale Wednesday morning.  Will the numbers be where I would like them to be?  I know, the scale should not be that important to me, but it still makes me apprehensive. I’ll check in at the end of the week and let you know our successes and how we are handling reintroduction.

Sharing once again that Sunday morning Claulfoutis – this time with plums.  And I must say that right now this is our favorite breakfast and the fresh local plums were the best fruit addition thus far.  Once again, here is the link to the preppy paleo’s site for the basic recipe.

During this journey I have struggled with some of the recipes I have made and my husband, being the kind individual he is, has a difficult time telling me if the recipe was the “worse thing he has ever eaten” or the best.  So I came up with a little survey form that I provide him with for the new recipes I try and below is an example (of one that got good reviews.

IMG_1668 copy
Recipe Survey

My journey is not coming to an end in 3 days, but will be continuing.  The Whole30 was just one way for me to explore my relationship with food and healthy eating, but just a stepping stone.  Hope you come along with me.

2 thoughts on “Day 29 Whole30

  1. You are amazing! After tomorrow, you should reward yourself for completing the Whole30! I have a friend that is interested in this plan. May I give her your contact information? Or I can give you hers, whichever you prefer.

    What will happen when you get on the scale? What number do you want to see? Whatever you see, know that it is information. If you wanted to lose 10 lbs. and instead lost 5, that number might be telling you that you need to increase exercise. It might be telling you that you can’t eat 2 meats in one day. It might be telling you that you experience a little inflammation when you eat raw spinach or eggs. All of this is good.


    1. Thank you Frances. You most certainly can provide your friend with my contact info. I’m not sure what I really want to see on the scale (which now will not be till the 1st as Hubby decided that we will end our “30” days at the beginning of the new month). I know that exercise and activity must increase – this is where I have been failing in the past. Stay tuned….


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