I May Not Be Pretty, But……

I am a BEAUTIFUL and INTELLIGENT Woman who can do anything I set my mind to.

Peter Paul Rubens painted many women and the term Rubenesque to define a certain body type came into being. I would define my body type as Rubenesque and that is a thing of beauty.

It’s taken me a while to get to this place of acceptance about my body shape, regardless of what I weigh I will always have this body type. I will never have a perfectly flat belly, long thin legs (I’m only 5’ 4”), or the body of a model. That is okay with me.

I saw a post this morning on a Facebook group that started to remind me of some awful things that had been said about me in the past and that hurt at the time. Today I just view them as crass and came out of the mouths of individuals who were resentful of me in some way.

That Rubenesque figure of mine, even when I was at my thinnest, led to some young male in college referring to me as a “Beached Whale”. My boyfriend at the time told me about one of his friends and fraternity brothers calling me this. I remember starting to get a bit upset, but the boyfriend told me to not pay any attention to it, it was all about jealousy (of course he didn’t need to even tell me about the comment did he?). The fact that several months earlier I had turned down the advances of the young male and he actually told me I couldn’t do any better than him was probably the reason. I can accept that now, but back then it upset me.

Several years later as I was getting ready to marry my first husband, one of his co-workers noted that “At least Alicia has a pretty face”. Did she even realize that a remark like that would hurt? It did at the time – and this came out of the mouth of a much older woman than me.

People can be unkind about all sorts of things, but what we can do is to not let these comments define who we are.

My current husband and I were in the Philadelphia Museum of Art and we came upon a painting by Rubens. My husband looked at the painting and looked at me and he said “that woman is beautiful and she reminds me of someone I know (wink)”.

I am not a psychologist, not do I want to be, but I really do believe that the key to our successes in life come from a place where we are happy and accepting of ourselves.

My affirmation for today will be: I am a BEAUTIFUL and INTELLIGENT Woman who can do anything I set my mind to.

If you have an affirmation that you use and want to share please share below.

"I can tell you've never met a Renaissance mind in a Rubenesque body before!"
“I can tell you’ve never met a Renaissance mind in a Rubenesque body before!”

One thought on “I May Not Be Pretty, But……

  1. I love his blog! Thank you for sharing such a private part of your personal history. I understand this 100% as I have a history of not only being overweight but of being clinically obese. I was not accepted by my own family. Today, given any opportunity, they will repeat their comments and actions, guaranteed! It’s still difficult, but I say “I am not your doormat where you can wipe the dirt off your shoes. I am not the receptacle for your vomit.” And I have promised myself that when I see any one of them again and they say something negative, even a hint of it, I will find the nearest trash basket and offer it to them. If there is not one around, I will hand them a napkin or a tissue. It is not for me to take.

    Rock on Alicia!!!


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