Sharing my Journey

I am like what is soon to be the majority of females here in the US – one that is struggling to lose weight. There are so many different reasons for losing weight – to be more healthy, to look better, to feel better (physically and mentally). Doesn’t matter our reasons, just matters that it truly is a  struggle.  Losing weight for most of us does not come naturally or easy.

This is why I decided to create a space where those of us who struggle can come and chat about our struggles, our dreams, our successes and failures around our weight. A place where no one judges one another and there is no one size fits all way of obtaining our goals. A place to share ideas, what works for you and what doesn’t work. A place to learn new tools, new habits, new resources that might work for you.

A little bit about myself – true confession time.  I have been 240 lbs and I have been 135 lbs during my adult life. Most of my life has been spent weight over 200 lbs, unhappy with my weight and unhappy with my health. I have tried numerous “diets” and am ready to throw in the towel on the perfect diet for me. I want to enjoy the food I eat, but understand that I need to change some habits. I want to have a healthy body image whatever weight I am and to enjoy life. And I want to enjoy food.

There are no magic bullets out there to losing weight. Even weight loss surgery will not work forever unless habits change.

I choose to eat free and lose the definition of diet as a weight loss tool. The word diet used as a noun denotes the kinds of foods that we eat. It can also mean a restricted course of food with the goal to lose weight or improve our health. As a verb is means to restrict our selves to small amounts or special foods to lose weight.

Let’s stop going on a “diet”. Let’s stop dieting. Instead let our diet or our intake of food represent our way of living – what ever that means to you. To me this means my diet or intake of food will help me a create a healthy life through moderation and those occasional splurges with food that I love to cook and eat. I will continue to enjoy my meals with others, out in restaurants or in my own home.

I invite you to join me on this journey.

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